Reinventing yourself at 50, as a real estate consultant, is possible

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Is it possible to reinvent oneself professionally at 50?

My name is Carlos, I was born in Argentina and I graduated in Medicine at the Catholic University of Cordoba and practiced as a family doctor for 36 years, until last year, when I started my adventure as a real estate consultant in Noray Walkers.

Throughout those years, I lived multiple experiences, so a change was never a trauma, rather, it was part of my life. That is why I am grateful for having learned to recognize opportunities, because the richness that change brings you beyond the result is to recognize the path.

At the end of 2018 I was the victim of a kidnapping In my country with physical violence, 3 individuals tied me up, beat me and tricked me with a gun and then locked me in a room, from the same situation I was physically unharmed, but it took me several months before I could psychically overcome the situation.

Then came the Pandemic during which my parents passed away, and it was at that time that I made a radical change in my life.

The awareness of the fragility of life, added to the possibility of regaining the reins, led me to make the decision to emigrate, to change my life, to undertake another much deeper, more vital journey.

Today I feel that I have been able to reconcile with my essence, enjoy the change, reconnect with the challenges and live.

The power that every morning I have the magical enchantment of finding new opportunities, of meeting a group of people who help me, support me and collaborate in a humanizing project, and who ultimately share the vision of Noray Walkers:  Making a difference in people’s lives.

Carlos Herrada

Carlos Herrada

Real Estate Advisor at Noray Walkers

Entrepreneurship in the real estate sector

The reality is that the figure of the real estate consultant is one of the most demanded in the labor market.

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